ATTENTION: Due to the recent spreading of the coronavirus in Europe, several precautionary measures and restrictions have been put in place. It is very likely that we cannot hold AFB2020 as planned. We shall make more specific decisions (e.g. shifting the event to a later date) in May, but to prevent further damage, we ask you not to buy any air or train tickets until further notice. If you have a ticket and can cancel it, please do so.


Invited speakers:

  • O. Balkanova
  • V. Blomer
  • F. Brumley
  • J. Buttcane
  • P. Colmez
  • A. Diaconu
  • T. Finis
  • M. Frączyk
  • D. Goldfeld
  • P. Humphries
  • K. S. Kedlaya
  • Y.-K. Lau
  • J. Matz
  • D. Milićević
  • P. D. Nelson
  • V. Pasol
  • Y. Petridis
  • A. Popa
  • M. Radziwiłł
  • N. Raulf
  • M. S. Risager
  • P. Schneider
  • J. Thorner

(* = To be confirmed). There will be no contributed talks.

Important dates and information:

Registration deadline: April 30, 2020

There is no conference fee. However, due to limited funds we are not able to provide assistance with travel or accommodation expenses for non-speaker participants.

If you need an official invitation letter for visa purposes, please get in touch with the organisers.


Organizing committee:

  • András Biró
  • Giacomo Cherubini
  • Gergely Harcos
  • Niko Laaksonen
  • Péter Maga
  • Árpád Tóth
  • Gergely Zábrádi



Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics                            Hungarian Academy of Sciences



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