The conference will be organised through the Zoom platform and is free to attend. However, the system only supports a limited number of places per meeting room and we therefore recommend you to register as soon as possible to guarantee participation. An invitation link to the Zoom meeting for the talks will be emailed to all the participants closer to the conference date. The talks will be held between 10:00 and 17:00 CEST.

Invited speakers:

  • O. Balkanova
  • V. Blomer
  • K. Bringmann
  • F. Brumley
  • J. Buttcane
  • A. Diaconu
  • T. Finis
  • M. Frączyk
  • D. Goldfeld
  • P. Humphries
  • K. S. Kedlaya
  • R. Khan
  • E. Lapid
  • Y.-K. Lau
  • P. Michel
  • D. Milićević
  • R. Munshi
  • I. Petrow
  • A. Popa
  • N. Raulf
  • M. Risager
  • A. Saha
  • W. Sawin
  • J. Thorner
  • M. Young



Organizing committee:

  • András Biró
  • Giacomo Cherubini
  • Gergely Harcos
  • Niko Laaksonen
  • Péter Maga
  • Árpád Tóth
  • Gergely Zábrádi


Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics                            Hungarian Academy of Sciences