A booklet with abstracts of the talks is available here. You can access recordings of individual talks by clicking on the corresponding title. It is also possible to download slides for most of the talks. The times in the programme are indicated in CEST.


Yuk-Kam Lau*: (slides)

On the first negative Hecke eigenvalue of automorphic forms on GL(2,R)

Ian Petrow: (slides)

The Weyl bound for Dirichlet L-functions

Djordje Milićević: (slides)

Extreme values of twisted L-functions

Kathrin Bringmann**: (slides)

Class numbers and representations by quadratic forms

Ritabrata Munshi: (slides)

New directions in the subconvexity problem


Olga Balkanova: (slides)

Spectral decomposition formula and moments of symmetric square L-function

Erez Lapid: (slides)

On Bernstein's proof of the meromorphic continuation of Eisenstein series

Alexandru Popa**: (slides)

Multiple Dirichlet series for affine Weyl groups

Abhishek Saha: (slides)

The Manin constant and p-adic bounds on denominators of the Fourier coefficients of newforms at cusps

Nicole Raulf: (slides)

Asymptotics of class numbers


Virtual coffee break


Valentin Blomer: (slides)

A symplectic restriction problem

Farrell Brumley: (slides)

Quantum ergodicity in the BenjaminiSchramm aspect for compact quotients of SLn

Tobias Finis: (slides)

Weyl's law with remainder term and Hecke operators

Philippe Michel: (slides)

Some extensions of Duke's theorems

Morten Risager: (slides)

Shifted convolution sums and small-scale mass equidistribution at infinity of Hecke eigenforms


Will Sawin: (slides)

The sup-norm problem for automorphic forms over function fields

Mikołaj Frączyk: (slides)

Density conjecture for horizontal families of lattices

Peter Humphries: (slides)

Small scale equidistribution of lattice points on the sphere

Rizwanur Khan: (slides)

Non-vanishing of Dirichlet L-functions

Jesse Thorner: (slides)

Zeros of Rankin-Selberg L-functions and strong multiplicity one


Kiran S. Kedlaya: (slides)

An overview of the p-adic local Langlands correspondence

Adrian Diaconu: (slides)

Secondary terms in the asymptotics of moments of L-series

Matthew Young: (slides)

The fourth moment of Dirichlet L-functions along a coset

Dorian Goldfeld: (slides)

Orthogonality relations for coefficients of automorphic L-functions

Jack Buttcane: (slides)

Bessel functions outside GL(2)


(* = 30 minute talk)

(** = talk not recorded)