Fried Castle Resort (Hungary - Simontornya)

The 4th Logic, Relativity and Beyond International Conference are going to be held at Fried Castle Resort, Hungary - Simontornya, 17 June - 20 June 2020. (Simontornya is about 100 km from Budapest.)

The Fried Castle Resort provides the conference venue including accommodation and dining. The castle is ideal to hosts a conference because it is a calm, beautiful, green and quiet place far away from the distractions of the city. For the participants of the conference, the hotel grants free access to its wellness and fitness facilities (swimming pool, hot tub, three different types of sauna, steam cabin, air-conditioned fitness centre).

Registration fees contain, accommodation for 4 nights at the Fried Castle Resort, welcome party, 3 meals every day, coffee breaks, conference package, conference banquet.

How to get to the Fried Castle Resort

Simontornya is about 100 km from Budapest.

You can get there by the following ways:

  1.  We can provide you direct transfer from the centrum or the airport of Budapest to the castle at 17 of June for 20 Euro.
  2.  Roughly every two hours, there is a train from Budapest Déli pályaudvar (Southern Railway Station) to Simontornya for 7 Euro. The tickets can be bought at the train station. If you come by train, always take the second railway carriage because only that goes to Simontornya. From the train station, the hotel transports the participants to the castle by car.

We are going to contact you before the event to learn your preferred way to get to Simontornya. There will be organized groups traveling by train to which you can join. The organizers will also help to get back to Budapest.


Virtual Tour:

Virtual tour