Accepted talks

Hajnal Andreka, Edward Higgins, Judit X. Madarász, István Németi, Mike Stannett and Gergely Székely:
Machine Verification of the No-FTL-Observer Theorem for First-Order General Relativity

Hajnal Andréka, István Németi and Péter Németi:
Uniformly accelerated observers through pictures and axiomatics

Joshua Babic and Lorenzo Cocco:
Special Relativity and Theoretical Equivalence

Selmer Bringsjord, Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu and Atriya Sen:
A Solution to an Insoluble Problem

Marcoen Cabbolet:
The weak correspondence principle: a new intertheory relation in physics based on Rosaler's empirical reduction

Juliusz Doboszewski:
Rotating black holes as time machines: a re-assessment

Samuel Fletcher:
On Surplus Structure Arguments

Giambattista Formica:
Several Steps in the Procedure of Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method

Michèle Friend:
Beyond Hilbert's Axiomatic Method

Sebastián Gil:
Prospects for Possibilism

Márton Gömöri:
What exactly does the special principle of relativity state? A discussion of Einstein's 1905 paper

Laurenz Hudetz:
When generalised definitional equivalence implies definitional equivalence

András Jánossy:
The Logic of Logical Positivism

Mohamed Khaled:
Concept Algebras and Conceptual Distance

Koen Lefever and Gergely Székely:
Comparing classical and relativistic dynamics in terms of inelastical collisions

Judit Madarász:
Concept algebra of special relativistic spacetime

David O'Connell:
Lorentzian Structures on Branching Spacetimes

Nemi Pelgrom:
When the foundations of mathematics meets physics - applying Martin-Löf's ideas

Andrei Rodin:
Axiomatic and Genetic Methods of Concept- and Theory-Building: An Attempt of Synthesis

Aleksandra Samonek:
How probabilistic networks can learn scientific concepts

Tarek Sayed Ahmed:
Omitting types in finite variable fragments of first order logic

Petr Švarný:
Do you see what I see? Joint observation in Barbourian universe

László E. Szabó, Márton Gömöri and Zalán Gyenis:
Why did such serious people take so seriously axioms which now seem so arbitrary?

Gergely Székely:
Now, can or cannot classical kinematics interpret special relativity?

Richard Thompson:
Predicate Logic with Explicit Substitution

Branislav Vlahovic, Maxim Eingorn and Cosmin Ilie:
New data on space curvature may support non-inflationary geometrical solution for the horizon problem

James Weatherall:
Where Does General Relativity Break Down?