Bus 100E is a direct bus line connecting the airport with the city center (more information).

Please notice that the only official taxi company at the airport is Főtaxi. You can find information ordering a taxi at the airport here. We suggest you not to accept any offers from the unofficial taxi drivers inside the terminal, but to order a taxi from Főtaxi at their information point, which is in front of the terminal, outside.  

There is a shuttle service called Airport Shuttle. The Airport shuttle picks you up together with 4-5 other passengers and takes you to the given address, but you may not be the first to get to your destination. You may buy your minibus ticket at the counter in the arrival hall (ATM's and exchange bureaus are available at the airport) or online.

Public transportation

In Budapest, there is a great variety of public transport: underground (metro), buses, trams, even trolleys. For more information on schedules or night services see the page of BKK Zrt. (Budapest Transport Center).


In Budapest, the prices are fixed for all taxi companies. Take one belonging to a taxi company (e.g. Fotaxi which is also the official airport-city transfer company). You can also use the Bolt application to order a taxi. 

Restaurants& Cafés & Bars

Most places have a variety of options for dietery restrictions, please always ask beforehand.

Tipping is between 10-20% depending on the type of restaurant/café/bar. Many places include service fee which is an additional unit on the bill and they should state it on their menu. You can ask if it's included so you don't have to tip extra (only if you feel like it).

Some places offer lunch menus during weekdays (Monday through Friday). These are fixed menus (so no or little choice), which are cheaper, but restaurants often run out of them by 1pm. Among the places that offer lunch menus are Ruben, Bonnie, Napfényes, Ropogó, Fecske, Puder, and Café Inténzo.

Restaurants in Budapest

Ruben: small Hungarian restaurant, may need to reserve. 1 minute.

MANU+: pizza. 2 minutes.

Bamba Marha Burger Bár: burgers on burgers. 2 minutes.

Donna Mamma Pizza: pizza. 2 minutes.

Hummus bar: vegetarian/vegan 5 minutes

Keksz Bistro: try Gulyás (Goulash soup) here, other options, as well. 9 minutes.

Beerstro14 Restaurant and Craft Beer Bar: meat-based menu, rather expensive. 2 minutes.

Byblos: Lebanese cuisine. 3 minutes.

Japanika: Japanese restaurant 15 min

Twentysix: Mezzes, main dishes, drinks in a cool interior with lots of plants. 12 minutes.

Bonnie: Hungarian restaurant. 3 minutes.

Indian palate: Indian restaurant. 3 minutes.

Belvárosi disznótoros: Hungarian sausages and grilled meat. Vegetarian options are also available 3 minutes.

Napfényes: vegan restaurant. 4 minutes.

Vega City: vegetarian. 4 minutes.

Padthai Wokbar: Thai. 5 minutes.

Ropogó: mainly fried dishes with sides, several options for vegans. 6 minutes.

Tahina bites: Lebanese place, ideal for a quick lunch. 6 minutes.

Dobrumba: trendy Middle eastern restaurant. Only with reservation. 7 minutes.

EPOCH: vegan burger place. 8 minutes.

Pata Negra Pest: tapas. 8 minutes.

KIOSK: relaxed restaurant. 8 minutes.

Baalbek: Lebanese. 8 minutes.

WAFU: small Japanese restaurant, with karaage menu for lunch. 9 minutes.

Tifliso: Georgian restaurant. 10 minutes.

Bors Gastro Bar: streetfood, great for a quick lunch unless the queue is long. 10 minutes.

Salad Box: make your own salad. 11 minutes.

Hanami Sushi Bar: sushi, 14 minutes.

VAJ: great croissants, sandwiches. 14 minutes.

Mazel Tov Restaurant: Middle Eastern, book ahead. 16 minutes.

Retró Lángos Budapest: Lángos is a Hungarian fried dough with savoury topping, go-to street food. 18 minutes.

Trattoria Pomo D'Oro: Italian. 20 minutes.

Stand25 Bisztró: traditional Hungarian restaurant with a modern twist if you end up exploring the Buda side. 32 minutes.

Piroska Vendéglő: traditional Hungarian, go back in time 15 years with the style. 33 minutes.

Coffee shops

Csendes Létterem - Vintage Bar & Café, 2 minutes.

Fekete Café, 2 minutes.

Madal Café, 3 minutes.

Budapest Barista, 3 minutes.

Arch&Beans, 4 minutes.

Ahoy!, 5 minutes.

NOR\MA, 6 minutes.

Pastry shops and cafés in Budapest

Centrál Grand Cafe & Bar: beautiful and expensive historic café. 2 minutes.

Auguszt cukrászda: pastry shop. 2 minutes.

Café Gerbeaud: another historic café. 12 minutes.

New York Café: historic, famous café, during the communism it was renamed "Hungaria". 16 minutes.

Bars in Budapest

Csendes Létterem - Vintage Bar & Café. 2 minutes.

Keksz Bistro. 9 minutes.

Szimpla Kert: the most popular ruin bar, touristy, but worth a visit. 10 minutes.

MITZI: near Gellérthegy, locals like this one, too. 20 minutes.

BÉLA: near Gellérthegy on the Buda side, cool ambiance, locals, artsy people like it. 24 minutes.


Tourist information

Hungary has been an EU member since 2004 and Schengen Area member since December 2007. Our country applies the Schengen legislation in full. For details on entry and stay rules visit the relevant Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage.

Our currency is Hungarian Forints (HUF). For exchange rates see the page of the Hungarian National Bank.

Check the weather forecast for the next 7 days.


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