Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the GGGC-20 conference has been canceled.

Currently the Covid-19 epidemic seems rather mild in Hungary, thanks to the smaller initial exposure and the strict public-health measures that are in place.

But given the continuing unpredictability of the situation, both in terms of the persistence of the epidemic and the public-health measures globally, we feel that hanging on to the idea of such a large gathering less than three months from now is not in the best interest of our community.

We made this decision in complete agreement with Laci Babai. We wish him and all our friends who have been preparing to greet him in Budapest good luck to pass safely through this uncertain period.


The conference will take place in the "Gólyavár" building of Eötvös University, Múzeum körút 4/G, in downtown Budapest, at three minutes walk from the Rényi Institute.

How to get to the Institute (and other downtown locations): 

From Budapest Airport:

Public transportation. There is a direct bus service between downtown (Deák Ferenc tér terminal) and the airport, bus 100E, that runs from 04:00 am to 23:30 pm. The ticket for this bus costs 900 HUF.
Passengers traveling from the airport to downtown may get off the bus at Kálvin tér or at Astoria or at Deák Ferenc tér.   The Kálvin tér stop is within a 6 minutes walk from the Institute as well as from Gólyavár; the Astoria stop is within 3 minutes of each. Bus 100E going to the airport does not stop at Astoria but stops at Kálvin tér.

Bus 200E takes you from the airport to the terminal of Metro line 3. Buses are available till after midnight, but keep in mind that the last metro train leaves at 23:15 (there are night buses afterwards).

Note that if you buy a daily travelcard (or longer), you should carry your ID with you while travelling. If you use single tickets, they need to be validated before use. In the metro the validation machines are typically in front of the entrance whereas for trams (streetcars) and buses you validate after you step in.

A convenient way to get to the downtow by taxi. The official taxi company is called “Főtaxi” that operates cabs from the airport to all over the town. It is easy to identify them by their logo. “Főtaxi” has a desk located at the exits at Terminals 2A and 2B where you can arrange your taxi. The cost of the taxi from the airport to the Rényi Institute should be around 8.000 HUF or 26-30 EUR, depending on traffic. In these taxis you can also pay in euros or by card.  For local tickets and passes visit the official website of Budapest transportation.

From Keleti train station (Keleti pályaudvar):

You can take the metro  (subway) M2 line (red line) to Astoria, or buses 5, 7, 8E, 110,133E outside the station, in the direction of the Danube, and get off at Astoria.

From Nyugati train station (Nyugati pályaudvar):

You can take metro line M3 (blue line) to Ferenciek tere if you intend to come to the Institute. If your destination is the Gólyavár building, you can either go to Rényi Institute and then walk for three more minutes to get to Gólyavár, or take the metro blue line to Deák Ferenc tér and change to the metro red line (M2) to Astoria.